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Sarina O'Keeffe


Sarina is the owner of Advanced Speech Therapy of Los Altos. She is a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist whose clinical experience includes private practice, in-home and educational settings. Sarina has worked with a range of populations, including birth through three, preschool, school age, and adults. She has experience evaluating and treating speech and language disorders including those of articulation and phonology, fluency, receptive and expressive language, apraxia, and social-pragmatic skills. She has also worked with children who communicate with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices.

Sarina grew up in Mountain View. She obtained her Masters degree in Communicative Disorders and Sciences from San Jose State University in 2015. In 2002, she earned a Bachelor's degree in Communication from UC Santa Barbara. As she pursued her degree in Speech Pathology, Sarina specialized in working with children who have hearing loss to help them maximize the use of their hearing devices. Prior to entering the field, Sarina worked for several years in business within Human Resources.

Sarina is passionate about working with children of all ages with a variety of communication needs. Sarina believes one of the best parts of her work is collaborating and building relationships with the families she serves. Her goal is to provide functional, fun and engaging therapy.